GPM Loyalty Terms and Conditions_v1

  • All qualified individuals 18 years and above are eligible to apply for the Gurney Paragon Card (“the Card”). Each applicant is only entitled to apply One (1) membership and will be assigned only ONE (1) Gurney Paragon Card (hereinafter referred to as “Card Member”).
  • Hunza Properties (Penang) Sdn Bhd (“the Operator”) reserves the right to reject ANY applications at the Operator’s sole and absolute discretion without assigning any reasons whatsoever, and the decision shall be final and conclusive.
  • A non-refundable subcription fee of RM20 (inclusive of GST) for THREE (3) years membership is charged to the Card Member payable to the Operator for every issuance of the Card either as a new card, replacement or renewal card.
  • The Card has to be presented to the Gurney Paragon Card Service Lounge together with the receipt of purchase latest by 10p.m. of the next following day from the date of transaction in order to earn and redeem Gurney Paragon Points and to receive the benefits and privileges. The Operator is not obliged to backdate any Gurney Paragon Points transactions. [Example: For purchase made on 1st December 2015, receipts must be presented to the Gurney Paragon Card Service Lounge not later than 2nd December 2015, 10.00pm.]
  • All Card Members are required to submit at the Gurney Paragon Card Service Lounge the sales receipt and / or tax invoice together with the credit card and / or debit card transaction slip for any purchase transacted using credit card and / or debit card. The Operator has the right to reject and / or refuse to accept the submission if the Card Member is unable to produce the sales receipt together with the credit card and / or debit card payment transaction slip.
  • Gurney Paragon points are strictly awarded to Card Members’ own purchases only. The Operator reserves the right to refuse and / or cancel the awarded Gurney Paragon points and terminate the Card membership if the Card Member is found accumulating Gurney Paragon points using receipts other than his / her own purchases.
  • The Card is non-transferrable and is for the exclusive use of the registered Card Member. It is not a credit card, charge card or debit card. Card Members are strictly prohibited from allowing non-members to use the Card to collect the point(s) and/or to enjoy its privileges.
  • The Card PIN and/or Password shall be kept confidential at all time.


Earning and Redeeming Gurney Paragon Points

  • Gurney Paragon points will be credited into the Card Member’s account subject to a minimum spending of RM20 in a single receipt by the Card Member. Upon receipt(s) being determined to be valid, the Gurney Paragon points shall be credited into the Card Member’s account in at least 3 working days after the receipt of submission by the Card Member.
  • Earn 1 Gurney Paragon point for every RM1 spent by the Card Member at participating outlets in Gurney Paragon Mall. There shall be a maximum cap of 30,000 Gurney Paragon points in total including birthday rewards, claimable by a Card Member per day.
  • All Gurney Paragon points shall be valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of Gurney Paragon points credited into the card holder’s account.
  • 1 Gurney Paragon point is worth RM0.01 that can be used to redeem Gurney Paragon Mall’s vouchers. Gurney Paragon points have no alternative cash value.
  • Card Members will enjoy full benefits of the card and to earn Gurney Paragon points immediately after successful application of the Gurney Paragon Card. For avoidance of doubt, only transactions and receipts timed and dated after the registration of membership for Gurney Paragon Card shall be processed and be credited into the Card Member’s account.
  • Birthday rewards include 3X points during the birthday week & free valet which is limited to ONE (1) time redemption per Card Member per year only.
  • Parking reward is applicable for the Card Member with a valid Parking Ticket from Gurney Paragon Mall. One (1) time redemption per Card Member per day only. Rewards are non-exchangeable for cash.
  • Gurney Paragon Points shall be lost if the Operator is closed or ceases to operate the Gurney Paragon Loyalty Card Programme.
  • Unused and unexpired Gurney Paragon points on expired card shall be transferred to a renewed card.
  • The following will not be qualified for the accumulation of Gurney Paragon points:-
  1. Temporary vendors at promotional spaces;
  2. Purchase of vouchers/gift cards;
  3. Purchases offset with voucher/rebates;
  4. Currency exchange;
  5. Purchase of stored-value cards & top-up transactions; and
  6. Bill payment.




Gurney Paragon Points Balance

  • Card Members may check their Gurney Paragon points balance by the following manner:-
  1. Enquiry at the Gurney Paragon Card Service Lounge, Level 6;
  2. Call our helpline at 04-2189333;
  3. Visit Gurney Paragon Mall’s website at; and
  4. Download the Gurney Paragon Mall mobile app.


Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

  • For lost or stolen Card, report must be made immediately to the Gurney Paragon Card Customer Service Lounge in person.
  • A replacement fee of RM20 will be charged for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards. This fee is not refundable and a replacement card will be reissued to the member upon presentation of valid passport / NRIC.
  • Enquiries concerning personal accounts must be done by the Card Member in person.
  • The Card’s accumulated points will be transferred from the lost or damaged card to a new card.


Card Cancellation

  • Prior to expiry, Card Members may cancel their Card at the Gurney Paragon Card Customer Service Lounge by handing in the Card and completing and signing the required form. Upon cancellation, all remainder Gurney Paragon Points earned but not redeemed shall be forfeited and the Operator will not be liable for any compensation or to pay any refunds to the Card Member.
  • The Gurney Paragon Mall reserves the right to cancel/withdraw the Card and forfeit all accumulated points on the Card of any Card Member who is found to have manipulated the usage of the Card in any unacceptable manner in violation of the Terms & Conditions on the use of the Card.



  • The Operator reserves the right at any time and from time to time at its sole discretion and without prior notice to amend and/or add and/or delete and/or make any variation on the terms and conditions of the Card and the decision of the Operator is final and no correspondence will be entertained.



  • The Card shall at all times be the property of the Operator.


Promotional Information

  • The Card Member gives permission for the Operator to record, store and use data and information provided by the Card Member to the Operator or derived from the Card Member’s participation in the Gurney Paragon Loyalty Card Programme. This data and information may be shared with third parties where the same is necessary to operate the Gurney Paragon Loyalty Card Programme.
  • Should Card Members wish to have access to their Personal Data or to update or make any corrections thereto or to withdraw consent to any use of their Personal Data or any questions, queries or complaints relating to the use of their Personal Data, please email the Operator: or contact: (+)604-2288 266 or Fax Number : (+)604-2288 277)


*The provisions of these Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia.